Michael Stokoe: Lozenge Relief, 1966 - on British Abstract Art



Michael Stokoe:
Lozenge Relief, 1966

Framed (ref: 575)

Painted wood and perspex, with an aluminum surround, 20 3/4 x 11 3/4 in. (53 × 30 cm.)

Tags: Michael Stokoe Abstract Art design Highlights of 20/21 Art Fair science

Provenance: Annely Juda Fine Art; Laurie Stewart

Best know as a printmaker, Stokoe produced three-dimensional works during a five-year period in the mid-1960s. ‘I was at the time emerging from a more gestural form of painting into experiments with the properties of pure colour, here exploiting gravity, height, perspective and balance’ (Letter to Paul Liss, 6 February 2007).

Like many artists of the period Stokoe was excited by the new possibilities of perspex as a material, and especially the wide range of exciting colours that could be sourced from Denny’s art suppliers in Hammersmith,West London.

A fourth piece from this ‘quartet’ (as Stokoe refers to the ensemble) remains in the private collection of the artist.

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