Artist Michael Canney: Casole dElsa II, 1984

Artist Michael Canney (1923-1999): Casole dElsa II, 1984


Michael Canney (1923-1999):
Casole d'Elsa II, 1984
Unframed (ref: 1438)
Signed, dated and titled on the reverse
14 x 26 in. (35.6 x 66 cm.)

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Provenance: Madeline Canney

Canney's earliest reliefs date to the 1960's and were born out of  a Cubist-inspired interest in fragmented space.  From the 1980's Canney increasingly worked in flat plains of colour, progressing eventually to pure fields of shallow uncoloured gesso.  The depth of this relief and strength of the colour fields echos the hard lines of his Alkyd paintings of the mid 80's.