Artist Kathleen Guthrie: Ambience, 1966

Artist Kathleen Guthrie (1905 - 1981): Ambience, 1966


Kathleen Guthrie (1905 - 1981):
Ambience, 1966
Framed (ref: 392)
Oil on canvas, 11 13/16 x 30 5/16 in. (30 x 77 cm.)

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Provenance: the Artist's family
Literature:  A Poet's Eye, The Paintings of Kathlenen Guthrie, Jonathan Eastaway,Cartmel Press, 1999, illustated p. 42

At the beginning of the 1960's,  after her husband  Cecil Stephenson suffered a stroke and was no longer able to paint, Guthrie launched into pure abstract painting.  During the 1960's her work was characterised by a textured, soft edged and gently radiating palette; 18 such paintings were included in her London show at the Drian Gallery of 1966.